Nordstrom Cards

There’s no small number of retail stores that “reward” their customers by offering credit card options. Target, Kohl’s, Old Navy and many more retailers offer credit cards, some with rewards and discounts for loyal shoppers.

As store credit cards go, we find the Nordstrom credit card to be one of the most rewarding. If you frequently shop at Nordstrom, read on to learn all you need to know about their credit options in our Nordstrom credit card review.

Nordstrom Credit Card Options

There are four types of credit cards you can get through Nordstrom stores. The first of these is a store card. This card can only be used within the Nordstrom chain of brands, but you do earn rewards when you use it. The Nordstrom retail card offers two points per dollar you spend.

Two Nordstrom cards are Visa cards that you can use anywhere. The Visa Platinum offers two points for every dollar spent at Nordstrom and one point for every dollar spent elsewhere. The Visa Signature is similar, but includes the benefits offered by the Visa Signature program.

Finally, the store offers a debit card. This card is liked to your checking account and automatically withdraws money when you make a purchase at Nordstrom. You won’t receive a credit limit with this option but you will earn two points for every dollar you spend at Nordstrom.

So, how are those points redeemed? Very simply, as it would turn out. For every 2,000 points you earn, you’ll receive a $20 certificate to use in Nordstrom stores. The Nordstrom Note will be mailed to you and can be used at any of the Nordstrom stores.

Additional Cardholder Benefits

Nordstrom Credit Cards

As with many retail store credit cards, the Nordstrom credit card has a few additional benefits for cardholders. Periodically throughout the year, cardholders will receive access to coupons and sales events, such as the annual anniversary sale.

The card also offers Triple Points Days. You choose when you’d like to use this day, and you may have one to four Triple Points Days depending on how much you shop at Nordstrom each year. For example, if you’ve spent up to $1,999 you’ll earn one Triple Points Day. If you’ve spent over $10,000, you’ll have earned four Triple Points Days to use whenever you like.

Cardholders also enjoy free alterations, invitations to exclusive sales events, travel packages for purchase and a few other “perks” that may make this card appealing to shoppers.

Finally, the cards offer random bonus points days throughout the year. Cardholders will receive emails or collateral which announces these days, and the rewards can be as high as 10 points per dollar. That means spending just $200 can earn you a $20 Nordstrom Note.

Overall, we’ve found that the Nordstrom credit card offers one of the easiest ways to earn points – if you shop at Nordstrom. Of course, you’ll earn points elsewhere as well but you’ll have to spend $2,000 outside the Nordstrom brands to earn a $20 note.

Nordstrom Credit Card Review: The Pros and Cons

The Nordstrom credit card is a solid option if you frequently shop with the retailer. In fact, your credit card can be used at Nordstrom,, Nordstrom Rack, Haute Look and Trunk Club. Purchases at each of these retailers will earn you two points per dollar spent.

There are a few “cons” we need to mention in our Nordstrom credit card review, though. The first of these is the interest rate. As with most retail cards, the interest rate on your credit card is pretty high. The card has no annual fee, but your interest rate will be 24.40%. That’s not as high as some others, but it’s still noteworthy.

We’re also not fond of the limitations of the rewards redemption. After all, you can only spend your rewards at Nordstrom brands, and may not be used at Trunk Club. Other retailers sometimes offer points toward travel, gift cards or cash back, but Nordstrom only allows you to redeem your points within their stores.

When you first apply and are approved for your Nordstrom credit card, you’ll receive a $40 Note when you make your first purchase using the card. Whether you apply online or in the store, your card is available to use immediately, so be sure you apply before you begin filling your cart.

In summary, if you find yourself frequently shopping at Nordstrom, this card may be a good option for you. Keep an eye on the calendar and be sure you take advantage of the bonus points days and you can earn rewards that may bring your shopping bill down.

Should You Apply for a Nordstrom Credit Card?

Nordstrom Credit Card

The rewards options on the Nordstrom credit card are very limited. There are better alternatives if you want more flexibility, such as cash back, travel rewards or even for those who don’t frequently shop at Nordstrom.

However, if you do visit the store often, you’ll love the exclusive sales, the free alterations and the bonus points events. While the regular two points per dollar only equates to a 2% discount, the periodic events throughout the year are much more generous.

As with any credit card, we encourage you to pay off your Nordstrom credit card on time each month. There’s no annual fee, but the interest rates are high if you tend to carry a balance.

We have few complaints about Nordstrom stores as a whole, either. The retailer has earned a reputation for over a century as a high-end retailer. They’re sticklers about customer service and offer a huge range of products. While known primarily as a seller of clothing, handbags and shoes, Nordstrom has expanded to also sell home goods, furniture and even children’s gear.

In summary, Nordstrom is one of the better retail credit cards we’ve seen. Align your purchases with the bonus days and pay your bill on time, and you may find that the Nordstrom cardholder benefits can mean good savings for you. You may also want to check with our reviews on similar cards, such as: