Oak View Law Group were founded back in 2007 and have offered a wealth of financial management services ever since. These services include debt consolidation, debt management, credit repair, bankruptcy services, and other specialized services that require an experienced head and a careful approach.

One of the services that we are going to emphasize here is debt settlement, whereby they help clients to bring the size of their debt down and to pay it off in one lump sum. We have looked at many similar services in the past, including Just Us Debt, Fast Track Relief and First Choice Debt Relief. Now it is the turn of Oak View Law Group.

About Oak View Law Group

Oak View Law Group are based in California. They have been accredited with the BBB since 2016 and are registered as a corporation, as opposed to many of the non-profit debt management companies that we review here on DebtReviews.

Keep reading for more info on Oak View Law Group, and take a look further down to read our review of this company.

Basic Information

  • Address: 8421 Auburn Blvd. #145 Ste B, Citrus Heights, CA 95610
  • Web Address: http://www.ovlg.com/
  • Date of Founding: 1/2/2007
  • Contact Number: (800) 530-6854
  • Opening Hours: 08:00 AM – 09:00 PM
  • BBB Accredited? Yes, since 2016.

The Oak View Law Group Website

One of the biggest issues we have with Oak View Law Group, and one that we think does them a disservice, is their website, which you can find here: http://www.ovlg.com. It is very busy, too busy in fact.

This industry is riddled with badly made websites, from ones that are incredibly simple and look like they have been made by the owner when they had a few minutes spare, to ones that are overly complicated and end up as cluttered as that old MySpace page you refuse to admit you owned.

There are big sliders, videos and images punching you in the face as soon as you click onto the website, and then you also have to deal with live chat popups, share buttons, “report” buttons, and additional information screens, all packed into one very messy page. It is hard to navigate and that's a big shame.

A company's website is their virtual portfolio. It should be like a full-page leaflet that tells you all about them and then opens up to reveal further information if you need it. In that analogy, Oak View Law Group's website is a stack of ruffled glossy pages that the postman dumps into your mailbox.

A lot of legal sites are like this, and because of their connections to the legal industry it's no surprise to see Oak View Law Group going this way, they have just overdone it.

The Services

Oak View Law Group offer everything from credit card debt relief to debt consolidation and more. Their services are aimed at debtors who are already in deep, and have maybe defaulted on a number of debts or are otherwise struggling to pay them. This is the dilemma with debt settlements, it's something that would be ideal if you had a lot of money, but something that is really not available when you're in the red.

They also provide an array of legal services should you require them, ranging from bankruptcy (learn more about filling for bankruptcy here) to wills, trust funds, and more. They are a complete package when it comes to financial assistance and they have services that can cater to individuals as well as companies.

Oak View Law Group

Is Oak View Law Group a Scam?

The words “is [company] a scam” appear on every Google search for every company that sells a product. It's one of the facts of life, right up there with the fact that the most popular celebrity searches on Google will always be to question their sexuality or to see if they are dead.

Oak View Law Group is not a scam, let's clear that up right away. However, they may not provide the same level of service to everyone and may not give you what you want or expect. That doesn't make them a scam, it just means you were one of the few customers who had a bad experience. In our experience, most of the websites and reviews that claim financial services are a scam originate with someone who has had a bad experience and wants to get revenge on the company.

In the case of Oak View Law Group, the company themselves actually seem to dominate Google for the “is Oak View Law Group a scam” search term.

The Reviews

There are some mixed reviews out there for Oak View Law Group, but the majority seem to be positive. One of the few concerning issues that prevailed in all these reviews is the suggestion that OVLG go quiet after the initial assessment and signing-up phase. This is worrying if it is true, but we partly suspect that it's the result of customers not truly understanding how the settlement process works.

It's a long, drawn-out process that can take months and even years, and while the debt settlement company will be in regular contact when establishing that process, they will naturally go quiet in the proceeding weeks and months.

Oak View Law Group Help

Our Oak View Law Group Review

We may have been a little unkind to Oak View Law Group above, but we haven't really gotten into the meat of this review yet and there are lots of positives to focus on before you make your decision.

The Good

Oak View Law Group offer clients a straightforward 5 step debt settlement process. It's also a law firm, which means you know you're getting experienced legal experts who can right any wrongs that occur with regards to the law.

The 5 step process begins with clients getting acquainted with a financial coach who will analyze their financial situation to find best route to going forward. They sell a debt settlement service, but in our experience there is no pressure selling here and no convincing you that this service is the only one that will help you. The coach will then outline fee structures and all program details, before drafting these into a contract for the client to sign.

Step 3 involves giving the customer access to a secure portal where they are able to monitor their cases at will. This is a crucial step that helps to differentiate this company from others in this sector, giving customers the ability to monitor everything at every step.

Step 4 involves a Client Relationship Analyst who opens a dedicated bank account from Bank of America where an agreed upon amount will be placed into the account on a monthly basis. This is the amount that will be used to cover the debts.

Step 5 is the negotiation phase with the customer’s creditors where debts are settled at around 40% most of the time. There is a minimum of 30% of the total debt for one creditor that must be accumulated in the dedicated account in order for a representative to be able to negotiate a settlement.

Fees for settlement are more expensive than other companies, but the important point to remember is that OVLG is more than just a debt settlement company; they are a law firm with real attorneys that have a wealth of experience and can provide legal assistance with each case.

On the company's website you will find an outline of 10 qualities that OVLG attorneys bring to the table when it comes to getting customers out of debt, this includes knowing all collection laws, and understanding how to seamlessly execute the plan and to keep collectors under control throughout the process. Unsecured debts such as credit cards, those outrageous payday loans, collection accounts, and medical bills may be enrolled into the program.

Some additional positive qualities about this company include:

  • Money-back guarantee that includes all fees OVLG charge.
  • Debt free settlement program that ranges from 6 to 48 months.
  • Free consultation that can last for hours and provide much needed advice.
  • Detailed information on every step of the process.
  • Several areas of expertise, including debt settlement, bankruptcy, wills and trusts.
  • Tools to assist you, including debt calculators, blogs, newsletters, and infographics.

 The Bad

You might think that this company would receive a higher grade seeing how they have only received a handful of complaints and seem to get everything right. What's more, the majority of these complaints can be traced back to the client not fully understanding the contract, the fees associated with it, and the process that is required.

But that's not the case and there are some negatives here worth mentioning.

Firstly, while OVLG is a law firm, not all of the employees are IAPDA certified, which is an important certification for debt specialists to have. You also have to consider that your credit score will drop, you will be required to pay taxes on settled debt that is forgiven (it is considered to be income) and secured debt cannot be included (which rules out mortgages and federal student loans).

This is not an issue with OVLG as such, but rather it is an issue with the whole debt settlement industry. Simply put, this is not always the best option and in most cases it could be the worst option.

Oak View Law Group Review

The Bottom Line

Oak View Law Group works out of California but is accessible to clients all across the United States of America.

They provide a wealth of services to individuals and businesses, with an emphasis on debt settlement and legal services. Our concerns with Oak View Law Group are their lack of accreditations and their pricing, as well as a few other niggling issues that we feel could be improved.

We are happy to give them a 4 out of 5 though and this score has actually improved since we first reviewed them (we update our reviews regularly) as they have done several things to improve their services (all of which have been discussed in the above review)