Old Navy Credit Card Review

Looking for a new summer outfit? Performance fleece for chilly fall days? Most people find you can’t go wrong with Old Navy. Kids’ clothes, women’s clothes, men’s clothes, sandals and even accessories – Old Navy seems to have it all.

So, if you’re shopping there anyway, doesn’t it make sense to apply for an Old Navy credit card? Well, before you apply at the checkout line, we’d encourage you to read our Old Navy credit card review. What are others saying about the card? What are the pros and the cons to an Old Navy credit card? Read on to learn more, as there is a lot that needs to be covered.

Old Navy Credit Cards: The Rewards

Before you even begin to think about applying for an Old Navy credit card, you will want to know more about the card itself. Often, retailers issue store credit cards to offer an incentive to shop at their locations. Whether those incentives are discounts, cash back offers, VIP perks, or points for purchases, the benefits are usually fairly attractive to consumers.

The same is true for Old Navy. When you qualify for the Old Navy credit card, you receive 20% off your first purchase. If you shop at this retailer, you know the prices are already pretty reasonable. An additional 20% savings is just icing on the cake.

In addition to that first discount, Old Navy cardholders will receive points for purchases made with the card. You may already know that Old Navy is a part of a family of brands. These brands include Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athleta. Shopping at any one of these retailers, online or in store, will earn you 5 points for every dollar.

The Old Navy credit card works just like a regular Visa card, so you can use it anywhere. Pay for your gas, buy your mom lunch – whatever you’re doing, you’ll earn a point for every dollar outside of the Gap Inc family of brands.

So what do all those points do for you? They equate to cash back. For every 500 points you earn, you wll receive $5 to redeem at any of the Gap, Inc brand stores.

Old Navy Credit Card Review: The Pros

Old Navy Credit Card

It seems fairly simple to rack up enough points for rewards. Considering the fact you can use the Visa card anywhere, you can literally earn five to ten bucks just by using your credit card to pay rent. In addition to this, if you earn 5,000 points in a calendar year, you’re promoted to “Navyist.”

When you reach Navyist status, you’ll enjoy a few additional perks. You’ll get 20% more points each quarter, you’ll get free shipping for online purchases made with the card, and you’ll get free alterations at Banana Republic.

Overall, if you use your Old Navy credit card wisely, you can earn points pretty quickly. There’s no annual fee, and you won’t incur interest if you pay your credit card bill before its due date. The company offers paperless billing and the application process is very simple; apply in store or online for an instant credit decision.

If you pay your bills on time and you frequently shop at Old Navy, this Old Navy credit card review may seem pretty positive to you, right? Well, we scoured the web and talked to a few Old Navy cardholders, and, as it turns out, not all were very happy with the card.

Old Navy Credit Card Review: The Cons

The first and most obvious “con” to the Old Navy credit card is the point system. Points just aren’t for everyone. In some cases, they can be great! For instance, Amazon offers a rewards card that you can use on anything on the site – from toothpaste to umbrellas, those points can go a long way.

With the Old Navy credit card, you’re stuck with Old Navy. You have to spend $100 at the store to get a measly $5 back. (If you’re not good at math, that’s like getting a 5% discount – not so great.) Using the card outside the store you have to spend five hundred dollars just to get five bucks. That’s even less great.

What’s more than this, though, is the card itself. Sure, there’s no annual fee, but the APR is 26.49%. That’s comparable to other retail store credit cards, but there’s also a minimum $2 interest charge. So much for that $5 cash back if you make just one late payment.

What we noticed most frequently as we researched this Old Navy credit card review was that the customer service complaints were very frequent. The company outsources customer service overseas, and many customers said the reps didn’t understand what they were saying or asking. Many cardholders said customer service was rude, unhelpful and uninformed.

Perhaps the most convincing “con” to the credit card is the frequent complaint of credit card declines by cardholders. More than a few customers attempted to use the card, only to be declined at the register.

But that’s not all! Many customers never received their physical card, only to receive a bill for a late fee months later. Accounts were arbitrarily closed, and most customers say that Old Navy rewards just weren’t worth the hassle.

Should You Open an Old Navy Credit Card?

Old Navy Store Card Review

We asked around, and we checked around the web. From what we could see, the Old Navy credit card generally scored a 1.2 to 1.5 out of 4 stars from cardholders who’d used it.

To us, that doesn’t seem worth it. The interest rate is horrible, the customer service gets very poor reviews and the rewards themselves don’t seem to be worth the time.

If you’re looking for a rewards card which offers cash back, or even a viable way to earn store credit, there are plenty of cards out there which will do that. But because of what we discovered during our Old Navy credit card review research, we can’t in good conscious recommend the Old Navy credit card to consumers who are looking for a retail card.

Even if you shop here a lot and spend a lot, there are better alternatives out there, from store cards to credit cards like Discover It and the latest American Express cards.