Optima Tax Relief offers a diverse group of tax relief services, such as tax consultation, resolution, preparation and compliance, and tax settlement and negotiation. With a highly experienced team, the company has a multitude of services called “care competencies,” which has received great customer reviews. Scroll below to read our review of Optima Tax Relief.

The Good

Variety of Services

Optima Tax Relief understands how much of a burden tax payments can be. Having debt with the IRS can be extremely intimidating, but the team at Optima Tax Relief has assisted thousands of individuals in this situation find relief from tax debt. The company offers a free consultation so that the client can decide if Optima Tax Relief is the best choice for their needs. Next, the team will work to find a solution as they communicate directly with the IRS.

Customer Satisfaction

The majority of past client reviews are positive. Reviewers state that the company saved them a significant amount of money and were friendly and helpful to work with.  

IRS Tax Debt Reduction

Although Optima Tax Relief offers dozens of tax related services, one that you can't find with all debt relief companies is IRS tax reduction. IRS tax reduction opens the door to many of the tax debt scenarios Americans often face.

Money Back Guarantee

The company has a 15-day money back guarantee on all services for any clients who are not happy with their first two weeks of service.

Well Accredited 

Optima Tax Relief is accredited some of the major organizations, like NATP and the NAEA.

The Bad

Young Company

Keep in mind that Optima Tax relief is one of the youngest tax relief companies on the market. They opened for business in 2010, making them one of the least experienced companies compared to the competition.

Mixed Reviews

Many past clients have written that they were not happy about the many hidden fees they paid with Optima Tax Relief. Finding a full list of the fees charged by the company on their website is nearly impossible. We would appreciate more transparency about this information in their web page.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Optima Tax Relief for clients for their variety of services, unique services, money-back guarantee, dependable history, and positive customer reviews. Yet, potential clients should be cautious of the fact that the company has only a few years of experience, and that they may be charged some fees that they were not aware of.