Pacific Business Management has been helping Americans to clear their debts since they were founded way back in 2004. They specialize in debt settlement and negotiation and work with individuals and businesses who have debts greater than $10,000. If you think that Pacific Business Management can help you and you want to learn more about this company and the services that they provide, keep reading.

About Pacific Business Management

Pacific Business Management

Basic Information

  • Address: 825 College Blvd #102, Oceanside, CA 92057
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 9/9/2004
  • Contact Number: (760) 732-3200
  • BBB Accredited? Yes, since 2013.

The Company

Pacific Business Management are a fully licensed, certified and accredited debt relief company based in Oceanside, California. They have been operating in this sector since 2004, and in addition to debt settlement programs for individuals they also offer services aimed at businesses, as well as guides and advice on all kinds of secured and unsecured debt.

The Reviews

There are a few complaints out there about Pacific Business Management and the whole debt settlement process. A few of the biggest ones center around the fact that creditors filed lawsuits during or following the settlement process, and the customers are blaming Pacific Business Management for this.

If Pacific Business Management claimed that no such lawsuits would be filed, then they are right to blame them. But this is unlikely to be the case. The truth is, lawsuits are unavoidable during this process and are one of the risks of debt settlement. Any company that claims to be able to avoid them completely is making a statement that they can't back-up, and clients need to understand that this is the risk they run.

Our Pacific Business Management Review

Now we have covered the basics, it's time for a more detailed look at Pacific Business Management. Our researchers studied this company closely and the review below is based on what they found, as well as their opinion on the level of service being offered by Pacific Business Management.

The Good

The are a few big talking points here, ways in which the Pacific Business Management debt settlement program stands-out from their rivals. If you like these positives, be sure to look at other top companies like DMB and Just Us.

Customer Service

Pacific Business Management aim to help as many Americans attain financial freedom as possible and you get the impression that they really care about achieving this goal. They have excellent customer service and have really pushed the boat out in this area.

After the FTC banned upfront fees, many companies in this sector were forced to change the way they operated, with others blatantly ignoring those rules and doing what they felt like regardless. PBM flourished because of their focus on providing solid customer service, and because they had always put the customer first both in terms of support and fee structure.

Free Consultation

Pacific Business Management offers a free consultation with an expert skilled in debt settlement. This process can help to establish whether the client is a good fit for PBM, and if not then it can point them in the direction of a service that is.

Competitive Fees

The minimum debt requirement to enroll in Pacific Business Management is $10,000, although we have also seen it reported as $7,500, suggesting that they either increased it recently or they are willing to reduce their $10,000 as far as $7,500 in order to help customers who don't quite meet the mark.

Clients are charged somewhere between 12 and 18 percent of the total amount of debt enrolled in the program. The program also allows for a manageable monthly payment to be made to a trust account on the behalf of the customer. After a certain amount of funds have been deposited into the trust account, the negotiators commence the settlement phase of the program.

Quick Settlement

Pacific Business Management aims to have clients out of debt in 12 to 48 months. This is the industry standard because if it goes past 48 months then the chances of litigation substantially increases.  If a client decides to opt out of the program, all funds made to the trust account will be refunded minus the monthly fees. As discussed already, PBM never charges an upfront fee or dips into the trust account.

The Bad

For all the good that Pacific Business Management do and all the benefits they provide, there are some downsides that need to be factored into the equation as well. Perhaps not as much as companies like ZipDebt, Debt Free League and Solid Ground Financial, all of which we have rated before (click the links to see our reviews) but definitely worth pointing out.


If a company ever claims that there are no risks involved with the debt settlement process, you should be very wary. Fortunately, Pacific Business Management does the opposite. They do well to outline the possible downsides to settlement, and are incredibly honest and transparent about the whole process, even to the point that it becomes detrimental to them.

PBM is not accredited with the AFC and is not certified with the IAPDA. This is a concern as these organizations supply guidelines and set standards that ensure complete stability and security in this sector.

A consumer can be confident in the abilities of a settlement company when they are accredited by these organizations. However, just because they are not accredited doesn't necessarily mean that they are no secure, stable, or otherwise reputable. And that's definitely not the case with Pacific Business Management, who are a legitimate company that provides a valuable service.

Pacific Business Management Review

The Bottom Line

Pacific Business Management offers great customer service, reasonable rates, complete transparency, and a host of other notable features that make them a very respectable company worthy of your time, your money and your debt. Their minimum enrollment amount is competitive and they also provide resources that can help debtors to stay in the black after their debts have been settled. It can be very easy to slip back into the red if this information is not provided, and this is something that Pacific Business Management understand and try their best to counteract.

The company is also very clear regarding the risks involved, which is always nice to see.

There are bad points though. For instance, we have some concerns about the company’s lack of accreditations. And there are a few other niggling issues as well, all of which we discussed above.

In the end, we recommend taking them up on their free consultation to find out more of the company’s process and to see if you qualify for them.