Since 2004, Pacific Business Management has been aiding people struggling to pay off unsecured debt by offering a wide variety of services, specializing in debt settlement and negotiation.


The Good

Customer Service

Pacific Business Management (PBM) started their business with the goal of helping American who are struggling with debt become financially free. This company sets themselves apart from the competition with their customer service. After the FTC banned upfront fees, many settlement companies when out of business, yet PBM flourished because of their deep rooted tradition in providing solid customer service.

Free Consultation

PBM offers a free consultation with an expert determine if they can qualify for the services. The minimum debt requirement to enroll is $7,500. The company’s fees are actually quite competitive. Clients are charged somewhere between 12 and 18 percent of the total amount of debt enrolled in the program. The program also allows for a manageable monthly payment to be made to a trust account on the behalf of the customer. After a certain amount of funds is deposited into the trust account, the negotiators commence the settlement phase of the program.

Quick Settlement

The company aims to have clients out of debt in 12 to 48 months, which is the industry standard. Anytime past 48 months, the chances of litigation substantially increases If a client decides to opt out of the program, all funds made to the trust account will be refunded minus the monthly fees. In accordance with the law, PBM never charges an upfront fee or dips into the trust accounts.

The Bad

If a company ever claims that there are no risks involved with the settlement, we would immediately advise you to run the other direction. Fortunately, Pacific Business Management does the opposite. They do well to outline the possible downsides to settlement. Our team of researchers appreciates this. PBM is not accredited with the AFC and is not certified with the IAPDA. This is a concern for the fact that even though these organizations are for-profit establishments, they give guidelines to anyone to use. In essence, the consumer can be confident in the abilities of a settlement company when they are accredited by these organizations.

The Bottom Line

Pacific Business Management offers great customer service with reasonable rates to go along with it. Their minimum enrollment amount is competitive the company offers some financial information help educate clients on how to stay out of debt once the settlement process is complete. The company is also very clear with the risks involved. There are concerns regarding the company’s lack in accreditations. In the end, we recommend taking them up on their free consultation service to find out more of the company’s process and if you can qualify for them.