PCS Debt Relief has a fantastic track record in the debt settlement sector. They have helped Americans to eradicate over $30 million worth of debts, even though they are less than a decade old at the time of writing. They lack certain industry accreditations, but they make up for it in other areas and in this review of PCS Debt Relief we'll look at those factors and determine if they are enough to give this company an overall positive rating.

About PCS Debt Relief

PCS Debt Relief are a Limited Lability Company operated by Ms. Anisa Sharif, who is the acting President. They were founded in 2010 in Missouri and accredited by the BBB 7 years later.

Basic Information

  • Address: 16024 Manchester Rd Ste 200, Ellisville, MO 63011-2195
  • Web Address: http://www.personalcreditsolution.com/
  • Date of Founding: 4/30/2010
  • Contact Number: (636) 209-4481
  • BBB Accredited? Yes, since 2017.

The Services

PCS Debt Relief offer a number of services with an emphasis on debt settlement. They provide relief from credit card debt, mortgages, business debt and more, and they work with clients who are already deep in debt and paying the consequences of delinquencies.

The Prices

There are a few highlights when it comes to pricing on PCS:

  • There are no upfront fees or monthly fees. You only pay when the debt is
  • settled.
  • There are no early cancellation penalties.
  • There is no forced escrow.

These services are not entirely unique. In fact, companies in this industry are not allowed to charge in advance and can only take their cut when the debt has been settled. PCS also promise to save customers lots of money, and there is a list of former customers and the amounts they saved them on their website.

We always take these things (as well as testimonials) with a pinch of salt, but there is no denying that they can make a big impact on your debt and help to reduce it significantly. Once the debt is cleared and their fees have been paid, you should see a reduction of at least 20%, and in most cases it will be more.

The Employees

PCS Debt Relief is a private company and we can't find much information with regards to their employees. The only thing we can say is that there is more than 1 and less than 50. However, we can make an educated guess that puts the number at around half a dozen, making this a small company. But that doesn't impact on the service that they provide, if anything it may lead to better customer service and more personalized care.

The Reviews

There are not a lot of reviews out there for PCS Debt Relief, but the ones that do exist are a little mixed.

Our PCS Debt Relief Review

In order to get a clearer picture on PCS Debt Relief, their services, their prices, their efficiency and their level of support, we asked our researchers to take a look, talk with previous customers and run some checks. In our PCS Debt Relief review below you can read about the things they found.

The Good

PCS Debt Relief offer a broad range of services, as you can see on their website. They cover most areas of debt management and debt relief. Their debt settlement program works by reducing the amount of their total unsecured debt to be paid back to creditors, after which they then take a cut. This has its pros and cons, and is not always the preferred method of becoming debt free, but if debt settlement is what you want then PCS Debt Relief may be a good fit.

Customers can contact PCS Debt Relief in the first instance and arrange for a free consultation. During this session a debt specialist will go over their financial situation to create a plan that will fit their needs, and determine if such a plan is even the best option for them.

Settlement prices vary and fees will usually fall somewhere between 15 and 20 percent of the total amount that PCS Debt Relief are able to save the client. The company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if they are unable to help then there will be no fees at all.

One major selling point for this company is that there is no requirement to open a trust or dedicated savings account in order to save funds during the process. This option allows the customer to be completely independent with their finances while a specialist guides them through the process and helps them to escape the clutches of debt.

Once a settlement is reached, it will become the client's responsibility to pay back the settled amount after the agreement is made. The settlement time varies between clients as it will depend on the size of their debt, and on where that debt comes from, but the average time for settlement to be resolved is around 3 to 6 months.

The overall objective of PCS Debt Relief is to have all enrolled debts settled within 18 months, and in most cases they are able to do just that.

PCS Debt Relief has an informative website with a detailed FAQ page and videos to help educate clients about their process and procedures. Our team enjoyed the transparency offered by the FAQ page and other areas of the PCS Debt Relief website and we left without having any major questions. This is somewhat rare for us as we're often left with questions and concerns, so it was nice to see.

Rundown of Benefits

  • Their fees are just 15% to 20% of total amount saved.
  • They offer a free consultation.
  • There is complete transparency.
  • They have settled millions of dollars in debt.

The Bad

One of the biggest downsides to PCS Debt Relief is that they require a minimum of $20,00o of unsecured debt to qualify for their services. This is a high maximum that will rule many debtors out.

However, as discussed already, consumers are not required to open a trust or dedicated account in order to save funds for a negotiation process. It is also worth noting that debt settlements need to be paid in full, and if you go in with a $20,000 debt and they are able to reduce it by half, you would need to find $10,000 to pay it off. This is no mean feat.

PCS Debt Relief also lacks some professional accreditations, such as the AFCC and IAPDA.

PCS Debt Relief Review

The Bottom Line

Although PCS Debt Relief offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, our team of reviewers has some concerns about their lack of accreditations. There is also a minimum requirement of $20,000, which is higher than most of their competitors and will rule a lot of customers out.

Overall we are pleased with the company’s transparency regarding fees and we're also happy with the level of support, but this is a high maximum when you consider that the average American family has credit cards debts of less than $9,000. If you have debts of that size, by all means give them a go. If not, take a look at some of our other reviews, including Franklin Debt, and DS Financial Services.