Since 2008, Premier Debt Help has been helping consumers struggling with debt achieve financial independence by offering them a debt settlement service.

The Good

No Hidden Fees

Premier Debt Help provides debt solutions to Americans within all 50 states. The company works by assigning a staff member to a client who will work to negotiate the customer’s debt with their creditors to reduce the total amount of debt. The company does not charge any upfront fees as a result of a federal government rule that bans all upfront fees for settlement companies.

Unique Process

The process works by setting up a third-party escrow account on the client’s behalf, as well as the funds charged for the company’s services. Premier Debt Help charges 20% of the total debt settled. The company’s goal is to settle client’s debt for half of what they originally owed. Premier Debt Help was founded by an attorney, therefore the company comprehends the complexities involved with debt and has the experience necessary to conduct debt settlement. The company claims to claim to find great success for their debtors. All of this is backed by a money-back guarantee.

Low Minimum Requirement

There is a minimum requirement of $7,500 of unsecured debt, which when we compare that to the competition, it is reasonable. Premier Debt Help offers a consultation free of charge with an expert team member. During this consultation, the client will be informed of the settlement process. Unique factors pertaining to the client's specific financial situation will be reviewed and determined if Premier Debt Help would be the best choice for their particular needs. In the case that Premier Debt Help is not the best fit, the debt relief professional will guide them in the right direction.

The Bad

Lacking Accredidations

Apart from the company’s presence in all 50 states, Premier Debt Help lacks in attributes that set them apart from the competition. Although the company does claim that their staff is highly trained, they lack in accreditations from the AFCC and the IAPDA. In all, these accreditations are important because they signify to a customer that the company’s representatives are appropriately trained to handle such delicate tasks, such as determining your financial future. The company also doesn’t have a rating. This raises questions about the company’s abilities and services with nothing to judge them from.

No Educational Tools

The company also lacks in educational tools on their website. Our team of researchers found the staff to be exceptionally professional and attentive to any questions or concerns we had, but it seems that their website lacks greatly in a lot of general information about the process, fees, and prices that could easily be posted. They also have a blog that is outdated with their last posted dating from March 2nd, 2015, along with many broken links on the web page.

The Bottom Line

Premier Debt Help offers a debt settlement program to help Americans achieve financial autonomy. Although they are able to help people in any state, they do not possess any other attributes that set them apart from the competition. The fact that this company lacks accreditations with the AFCC and IAPDA lead us to find a different company. We recommend taking Premier Debt Help up on their free consultation, but do your research on other options, as well.