VIP Credit Cards

Bad credit breeds bad credit. The harder things are, the harder things become, or at least that’s how it seems. If you have great credit, however, then it’s time to wear your rose tinted glasses. Because when you have good credit and plenty of money then financial institutions will do everything they can to get your business, offering you all kinds of premium, VIP credit cards, reward cards and more.

This will be an aspirational guide for some of you, but if you’re lucky enough to have money and credit right now then these are the premium credit cards and super premium rewards cards that you should be considering.

Premium Rewards Credit Cards

VIP and Premium Credit Cards

In the world of easy money, fees and charges never matter. When was the last time you heard a rich person as how much something costs or care to hear the answer? So, for our list of premium credit cards we’re going to ignore the fees (for the most part anyway) and focus purely on the benefits.

MasterCard Black Card

You know you have a premium credit card in your hands when you grip tightly and feel cold steel instead of flexible plastic. The Black Card from MasterCard is manufactured from a mixture of steel and carbon, designed to be durable as well as sleek.

It’s a VIP credit card geared towards high flyers who spend a lot of time in the air, in fancy hotels and in luxury restaurants, as users can earn rewards points from all of these things, points that can then be used on a host of things. It’s a rewards card for businesspersons who like to enjoy the finer things in life and don’t mind paying for them.


  • Points earned for every $1 spent.
  • Redeem points on airfare and get cashback.
  • Free cash to put towards flight-related purchases and upgrades.
  • Access to VIP airport lounges in over 500 cities worldwide.
  • Luxury gifts from big brands.
  • Food, beverage and spa credits.
  • Access to charter services, from private jets to yachts.
  • VIP tickets to big-ticket events.
  • A host of other elite shopping and travel benefits.

Ritz-Carlton Rewards Card

When the biggest luxury hotel chain in the world produces a premium credit card, you know you’re in for something special. There are a number of cool perks with this card, including free nights at the famous hotel chain, and a points system that rewards you with stacks more points every time you spend money at these chains, whether you’re booking a room for the night or eating in their restaurants.


  • Points system that rewards you when you spend money on hotels and flights.
  • Free credits for TSA Paycheck.
  • Free credits for use on travel-related purchases.
  • Free credits to use in hotels.
  • Access to VIP airport lounges worldwide.
  • Exclusive experiences, such as private vineyard tours.

Platinum Card from American Express

We discussed this card in our guide to the Best Rewards Credit Cards. It offers a wealth of luxury perks, but with an annual fee to match. It was one of the first true VIP credit cards when it was launched some years ago and while it is no longer the standout premium credit card now, it is still worthy of being included on this list.

Just take a look at some of these:


  • Stacks of points earned for every $1 spent on travel and accommodation.
  • VIP status on Uber, with $200 in annual savings.
  • Benefits from the Fine Hotels and Resorts Program.
  • Access to VIP airport lounges nationwide.

Super Premium Credit Cards

Luxury Credit Cards

These cards are aimed at the super rich. The millionaires and billionaires of the world. It’s not all about rewards, but it’s definitely all about money and you need a high income and a great credit score to get any of these cards.

American Express Centurion Card

As you might have guessed, the American Express Platinum card is not the biggest or the most exclusive card that they offer. After all, the Platinum card is pretty much available to everyone with a good credit rating and the willingness to pay few hundred dollars extra a year. This card, on the other hand, is on another level.

You can only get it if you have a Platinum card and have charged over $250,000 on that card in the last year. When you do that then this card and it’s endless privileges will be sent you way. The annual fee is much greater, but you get free travel tickets, free hotel stays, free gifts and a concierge service.

Chase Palladium

This card is made from 23k gold and palladium, with the name of the customer laser etched onto the fine metal. It’s as flashy as they come, and it also has a wealth of benefits to back that aesthetic up.

You need to have tens of millions invested with the Chase bank and you can only apply through your private banker, but once you do then you will benefit from the complete absence of a spending limit. You could literally buy a house on this credit card. Although you better prepare for some hefty interest payments if you do.

Citigroup Chairman Card

We know we said we wouldn’t discuss price, but with an annual fee of $500, this one is actually quite reasonable and well worth mentioning as a result. But before you rush off to apply, you need to have a brokerage account with Citigroup in order to get this card.

When you do you will be privy to a credit limit of $300,000, 24-hour concierge service, access to top travel lounges and travel upgrades, and everything else that you would expect from a super VIP credit card.

Bank of Dubai First Royale MasterCard

This is as exclusive of a credit card as you will ever find. Even if you have a few million dollars burnin a hole in your bank account you might not get access, as this card is the reserve of the super super rich, namely the middle-eastern oil billionaires of the the world.

So what does all of that wealth and exclusivity get you? Well, the Bank of Dubai First Royale MasterCard doesn’t have a spending limit, and it has a team of specialist staff who work 24/7 to fulfill every need that the owner of this card has. There is no waiting weeks for checks to clear, no being told that you can’t access your money or you can’t make a transfer for a couple days. This card gives you access to a level of service where there are no refusals and where “yes, of course” is the only answer that the staff know.

To top it off, it puts every so-called “premium” metallic store card and credit card to shame. It is embedded with an actual diamond and trimmed with real gold leaf.

Don’t get too excited though, because there are only a few hundred card holders in the world and you can’t actually apply for it. They find you.

You can’t get more exclusive than that.