In 2005, Progressive Debt Relief was founded out of Winter Springs, Florida as a debt settlement agency. Ths company has been helping individuals realize a more fulfilling life by helping them get out of debt by ways of settlement, refinancing, and consolidation services. Free consultations and educational tools are offered to potential customers. There will also be no upfront fees charged to the consumer until the debt is completely resolved. Progressive Debt Relief doesn’t seem to have a money-back guarantee offered to its clients, and also lacks in pricing information for the services offered on their website. They also completely lack in accreditations, awards, certifications, and accolades from industry authorities posted on their website either.

The Good

Helpful Website

Progressive Debt Relief offers a full-service educational center on their website. Consumers can find educational material on credit cards, savings, foreclosures, debt management plans, and more. Customers can also use their online platform to access their account at any time for updates, and in the case that a client has any questions, they can contact an assigned account manager to provide needed assistance.

Professional Financial Review

There is a personal financial analysis conducted for every new client. During this process, a professionally trained counselor will review your current financial situation, and help the client determine the affordability of the program. Consumers can expect to make monthly payments toward debt reduction. In the end, Progressive will refer consumers to trusted 3rd party settlement providers.

No Fees

Progressive Debt Relief will not charge clients an upfront fee, nor will they charge any administrative fees in debt repayments. This is nice, albeit, it is illegal to charge any upfront fees, unless the company offers attorney-based services.

The Bad

Lack of Pricing Information

Progressive Debt Relief does not publicly display their pricing structure for services anywhere on their website. It also appears that they do not offer a money-back guarantee. Additionally, there are consumer complaints that they were charged fees that were never previously disclosed to them.

The Bottom Line

Progressive Debt Relief provides residents in Florida with a range of settlement services like free personal financial analysis, savings plan, repayment programs, and an online education center. There are no upfront fees, but little is known about what fees they actually do charge. The company lacks in a licensed attorney to help with the legal aspects of the debt settlement process. 



About Progressive Debt Relief

Progressive Debt Relief offers individuals living in Florida with an online educational center along with a few other debt management programs. It is uncertain if they offer their services outside of Florida. Clients receive a free personal financial analysis with a savings plan and have access to an online platform where they can find educational material on financial matters. The company works with creditors to negotiate debt amounts and monthly payments to settle. Service fees are not posted anywhere on the company’s website.