Progressive Debt Relief was founded in Winter Springs, Florida, back in 2005. They are a debt settlement agency, with the honorable goal of clearing as much of America's vast personal debt as they can.

This company has been helping individuals realize a more fulfilling life by helping them get out of debt by ways of settlement, refinancing, and consolidation. They provide free consultations and a range of educational tools, all of which are offered to prospective customers looking for debt relief.

There are no upfront fees charged, and the only time the customer will be charged is when the debt has been resolved, at which point the client has saved a large sum of money and can put some of their savings to paying the fee.

Progressive Debt Relief

About Progressive Debt Relief

Progressive Debt Relief offers individuals living in the state of Florida with an online educational center, as well as a few other debt management programs. It is uncertain if they offer their services outside of Florida–this is something we have not yet been able to ascertain.

Clients of Progressive Debt Relief can receive a free personal financial analysis with a savings plan and have access to an online platform where they can find educational material on a host of financial matters. They work with creditors to negotiate debts and monthly payments.

Basic Information

  • Address: 5703 Red Bug Lake Rd # 283, Winter Springs, FL 32708-4969
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 8/27/2006
  • Contact Number: (877) 590-1847
  • BBB Accredited? No.

The Company

Progressive Debt Relief is based in Florida and seems to offer services only to people in this state. They are a debt settlement company and while we have also heard reports that they offer do-it-yourself services much like ZipDebt, we have not been able to confirm this ourselves. In fact, the Progressive Debt Relief website is all geared towards getting visitors to opt for their free consultation, which is used to decide the best course of action and to sell the customer on their debt settlement program.

The Prices

Progressive Debt Relief openly claim that they do not charge any upfront fees and they are very proud of this fact. However, it's worth noting that the FTC actually made it illegal for companies in this sector to charge upfront fees back in 2010, and it's standard practice as a result. We have also heard reports from previous customers saying that they were charged fees, although these could be for additional services, such as attorneys, and we weren't able to clear that up.

The Reviews

There are not a lot of great reviews out there for Progressive Debt Relief. In fact, the bulk of the reviews that have been written are poor, much like our own Progressive Debt Relief review. Bad reviews are common in the debt settlement industry, as customers get annoyed when their debts are not reduced by as much as they would like, or when they face litigation.

These things are common and it's usually not the fault of the debt settlement company, but they get the blame and as a result it can be difficult to ascertain a company's value based on the amount of bad reviews out there.

Progressive Debt Relief Review

Our Progressive Debt Relief Review

Progressive Debt Relief doesn’t seem to have a money-back guarantee, and it also lacks pricing information and other essential info. They also lack accreditations, awards, certifications, and accolades from industry experts, or rather they have none of these posted on their website. In this review we take all of those things into consideration and ask whether Progressive Debt Relief are a company worth your time and money or whether you are better suited with someone else.

The Good

Helpful Website

Progressive Debt Relief has a lot of helpful educational information on their website. This can be used by both prospective customers and by those who have used Progressive Debt Relief to clear their debts and want to stay debt free.

Clients can find guides on credit cards, savings, foreclosures, debt management plans, and a great deal more. They can also use the Progressive Debt Relief online platform to access their account at any time, checking for updates on their case. And if they have any questions, they can contact an assigned account manager to get the answers they seek.

Professional Financial Review

There is a personal financial analysis conducted for every new client. During this process, a professionally trained counselor will review your current financial situation, and determine affordability while advising on the next step. Consumers can expect to make monthly payments toward debt reduction. In the end, Progressive Debt Relief will refer consumers to trusted 3rd party settlement providers.

No Fees

Progressive Debt Relief do not charge clients upfront fees, nor will they charge any administrative fees. This is nice, however, it's worth noting that the FTC have outlawed upfront fees during debt settlement programs so they are merely following the laws. The only time companies like this are allowed to charge upfront fees is if they provide legal advice in the form of a trained lawyer.

Progressive Debt Relief Help

The Bad

Lack of Pricing Information

Progressive Debt Relief does not display their pricing information anywhere on their website. It also appears that they do not offer a money-back guarantee. These are two big issues, as it makes it difficult for us to determine how much they charge the average consumer, and it also makes it difficult for that consumer to get their money back should they not be given the service they expect.

Additionally, there are complaints from clients who say that they were charged fees that were never previously disclosed to them. This is a big no-no when it comes to debt settlement and it raises a lot of red flags for Progressive Debt Relief.

The Bottom Line

Progressive Debt Relief provides residents in Florida with a range of settlement services, including free financial analysis, savings plan, repayment programs, and an online education center. There are no upfront fees, but little is known about what fees they actually charge, and that's something that we can't ignore. The company lacks in a licensed attorney to help with the legal aspects of the debt settlement process, and there are a few other niggling issues as well.

All in all, we believe that there are better debt settlement companies out there, including the likes of Pacific Debt, Debt Relief A La Carte and more.