Rescue One Financial has been around for less than a decade, but has an impressive team of 72 debt consultants.  On top of this, they have a variety of settlement programs, including different loans and consolidations. 

The Good

Major Accreditations

Rescue One is accredited by the AFCC, which indicates that this company is committed to consumer-friendly business practices.

Free Consultation

Rescue One offers a consultation free of charge without upfront fees and clients work with the same team members throughout the settlement process. Most companies in the debt settlement business do offer these services, as well.

Customer Satisfaction

Clients generally appreciate the consultation free of charge and the honesty of customer service specialists. There have not been any reported cases of clients being directed towards different debt resolution options that weren’t appropriate for their situation.

The Bad

Customer Complaints

There are several complaints pertaining to the company’s advertising practices of mailing out a “pre-qualified” loan letter to people with financial issues only to bait and switch them and offer their debt resolution services. This comes off as very distrustful and leads consumers to not trust the company. 

Young Company

Rescue One lacks experience with only 6 years of being in business.

Lacking Money-Back Guarantee

Unfortunately, there is no money-back guarantee with this company, and Rescue One can sometimes cost more than the competition. The company charges 7% of the total debt per year, which is super deceiving when trying to calculate how much the process will cost and how much they run compared to their counterparts.

High Minimum Requirement

The company has a high minimum requirement of $10,000, making them a difficult company to work with.

The Bottom Line

Rescue One Financial seems to charge more for the settle services than most of the competition. They also lack in experience and have a very high minimum debt requirement. Overall, we cannot recommend Rescue One Financial at this time.