Solid Ground Financial has 10 years of company experience and over 70 years of combined experience in the financial sector. They specialize in helping people to the path of financial prosperity, especially those who are struggling with payday loans. Sadly, there are still many questions surrounding their fees, rates, and legal history.

The Good

Free Credit Counselor Consultation

Like most companies in the consolidation industry, Solid Ground Financial offers a free consultation with a certified credit counselor to allow the consumer to see if the services provided is a good fit for their financial situation. Plus, this company offers refunds under certain circumstances, which is always a good sign.

Customer Service

There are several reports of customers being very pleased with the services offered at Solid Ground, with even numerous reviews thanking individual counselors at the company. Past customers appreciated the patience, clarity, and support the most, often revealing that they far exceeded their expectations.

Operating Across the US

Solid Ground Financial’s operates in 49 states. Because of their availability in nearly all of the United States, they make it extremely convenient for customers to reach out to them. The only exemption is Michigan. Unfortunately, anybody there cannot use them.

The Bad

Major Lawsuit

In 2011, Solid Ground Financial was hit by a class action lawsuit in the state of Washington. The lawsuit states that the company “engaged in a … predatory scheme to enrich themselves at the expense of financially strapped Washington families by violating Washington statutes designed to protect consumers from wrongful debt adjuster business practices.” This is obviously a huge concern for anybody looking to engage in business with them.

Failure to Disclose Information

It is frustrating to see Solid Ground’s failure to disclose their start-up fees, monthly fees, or average interest rates on their debt management plans. The lack of information makes it impossible to shop around for the best rates and fees amongst their competitors.

Lacking Online Resources

Solid Ground Financial also does not offer any educational resources for customers to become financially stable. We would appreciate if the company made any efforts to empower consumers nationwide.

The Bottom Line

It appears that Solid Ground Financial is a reputable company based on the customer reviews left. Regrettably, their failure to disclose monthly fees, interest rates, and lack of experience holds Solid ground Financial back. One must also take into serious consideration their lack of transparency, and the class action lawsuit filed in Washington. Because of this, we cannot recommend using Solid Ground Financial to solve your debt problems.



About Solid Ground Financial

Solid Ground Financial is a financial counseling company that offers consumers with payday loan relief, credit repair, and debt consolidation. Solid Ground Financial services provides each customer with a credit counselor to help navigate the client’s debt with the creditors. This helps customers with reducing, or possibly eliminating, unsecured debt interest rates, as well as creating one monthly payment plan. Solid Ground Financial also helps people by offering a reasonable budget for the customer to follow.