Solid Ground Financial has over a decade of experience as a settlement company and over 70 years of experience in the financial sector when you pool together all of their experienced staff members. They specialize in helping those struggling with payday loans and other debts spiraling out of control and there are a lot of positives to their service. But before you get excited, there are also some negatives here that need to be mentioned and we will cover both of those factors in our Solid Ground Financial Reviews.

Solid Ground Financial

About Solid Ground Financial

Solid Ground Financial is a financial counseling company that offers consumers assistance with everything from payday loans, credit repair, and debt consolidation.

Basic Information

  • Address: 2450 Hollywood Blvd STE 401, Hollywood, FL 33020-6625
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 1/18/2007
  • Contact Number: (877) 785-7817
  • Opening Hours: 09:00 AM – 07:00 PM
  • BBB Accredited? No.

The Services

If you have payday loans and other high interest debts then you may find some reprieve with Solid Ground Financial. This is where they specialize, and there is a wealth of information on their website concerning this service. They are not straightforward with the cost of this service, but to be fair to them it differs from client to client.

The Employees

Solid Ground Financial have a small team of experienced and highly trained professionals and we have found there to be no issues in this regard. Their support staff are friendly, their higher level members of staff are skilled, and they all work together perfectly well.

The Reviews

There are a huge number of customer reviews on Solid Ground Financial and the majority are filled with praise. There are bad reviews and there are also complaints, but Solid Ground Financial have done their best to resolve these and to keep the customer happy where possible. Bad reviews happen, as do complaints, and the measure of a good company is how they deal with them.

Solid Ground Financial have dealt with them very well and they could teach others a thing or two. We have discussed many times how companies need to stop being so personal and so petty when responding to negative comments. Such is the case with Tax Tiger and the vast majority of companies we have reviewed. Solid Ground Financial buck the trend and do exactly what a company should do, apologizing, offering the reviewer a direct line to resolve the issue, and then working hard to fix things.

Our Solid Ground Financial Review

There are many areas in which Solid Ground Financial excel, many reasons why you might want to consider their services for your financial needs, but as mentioned above there are also some negatives here.

In our Solid Ground Financial review, which you can find below, we will cover these aspects and more.

Solid Ground Financial Review

The Good

Free Consultation with a Credit Counselor

The majority of companies in the debt consolidation industry offer prospective clients a free consultation, and Solid Ground Financial are no different. This is a great way for the customer to see if the company are a good fit for them and to determine what is needed and what the best course of action will be. It also allows them to discuss important matters with a debt professional, and if that professional determines that their company is not a good fit then they will advise accordingly and give them the advice they need to go forward.

These consultations don't always work as planned and some companies have been called into question for what is deemed to be harassment and pressure selling (Navicore, Freedom Debt, etc.,) but we have heard no such claims about Solid Ground Financial.

Customer Service

There are a lot of solid customer reviews out there for Solid Ground Financial, with some of them happy to shout from the rooftops about how great this company is, how effective their services are, and how helpful their counselors have been. Customers have been particularly appreciative of their patience, clarity, and support, revealing that they far exceeded their expectations.

Operating Across the United States

This company operates in 49 states. The only exemption is the state of Michigan. This sort of wide reach is less common than it should be, and it means that you should be good to go unless you happen to live in Michigan.

The Bad

Major Lawsuit

In 2011, Solid Ground Financial was hit by a class action lawsuit in the state of Washington. The lawsuit stated that the company “engaged in a … predatory scheme to enrich themselves at the expense of financially strapped Washington families by violating Washington statutes designed to protect consumers from wrongful debt adjuster business practices.”

This is obviously a huge concern for anybody looking to engage in business with them. However, it's an issue we have discovered with other companies, including the biggest and best in the industry. They always seem to be straddling the line between what is legal and fair, and what is illegal and unjust. None of this is really good news for the consumer, but that's the nature of the business.

Failure to Disclose Information

It is frustrating to see Solid Ground’s failure to disclose their start-up fees, monthly fees, or average interest rates on their debt management plans. They do go into detail with some of their fees, but only when you contact them and go through those initial steps.

The lack of information makes it impossible to shop around for the best rates and fees amongst their competitors.

Lacking Online Resources

Solid Ground Financial also does not offer any educational resources to help customers become financially stable. We would appreciate it if they went the extra mile to care for those who have yet to signup and to continue to help those who signup and have their debts settled. After all, it is very easy for people to slip back into debt after a debt settlement program, and by providing information on debt management and budgeting they can help them to avoid such issues.

The Bottom Line

Solid Ground Financial is a reputable company that has a lot to offer consumers in serious amounts of debt. However, their failure to disclose monthly fees and interest rates, as well as their lack of experience, holds them back somewhat. You also have to take the class lawsuit into consideration, and when you do it's hard to recommend them.

They are not bad and we believe that they should be included in your comparisons, but we don't think you should rush out to signup and think that you need to be cautious.

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