Southwest Tax Resolution services is a Utah-based firm that has a multitude of services to help customers at affordable prices, including RS audit support, bank levies, tax liens, payroll tax delinquencies, penalty abatement, unfiled tax returns, and others. They have even had experience with cases of over 1 million dollars.



The Good

Variety of Services

Offering services to both small and large companies, Southwest Tax Relief services help to alleviate the load of tax debt en route to financial success. They are excellent when it comes to dealing with the IRS, and have a history of helping clients navigate the complex world of the IRS.   Their services include:

  • Appeals
  • Bank Levies
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • IRS Audit Support
  • IRS Resolution and Payment Plans
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Payroll Tax Delinquencies
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Tax Liens
  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Wage Garnishments and Levies


Southwest Tax Resolution services offer one of the lowest rates available in the industry, providing an affordable tax relief option for customers. With that being said, the matrix may waver depending on the amount of time it takes to resolve a case.

Free Consultation

To get to know potential customers and help them figure out the best plan of action for achieving financial freedom, Southwest Tax Resolution services offers a free consultation to all prospective customers.

Individualized Service

Southwest Tax Resolution takes pride in providing individualized service to each and every customer, as every individual has a unique set of problems that require a personalized plan of action. For example, in addition to formulating payment plans and IRS tax resolution services, Southwest Tax Resolution reviews previous tax returns to see if amendments can be made for the advantage of the customer.

Good Communication

To ensure a smooth, efficient, and optimal process during the tax resolution process, Southwest Tax Resolution guarantees that the customer will only be in contact with the team of experts handling the case, and will not have to communicate with anyone not directly involved, such as sales reps.


When it comes to providing excellent customer service, Southwest Tax Resolution is truly second to none. If when reviewing a prospective client’s case, they determine it would be best for the taxpayer to resolve the debt directly with the IRS, they will communicate that to the client, saving them time and money.


The Bad

Lacking Accreditations

Southwest Tax Resolution lacks many important accreditations, such as the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) or the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Although it is not the biggest red flag for a company to not be accredited with the aforementioned organizations, it is a sign of concern, as these organizations help to ensure the company is adhearing to a high standard of ethics and integrity.

Lack of Attorneys

With no lawyers on staff, Southwest Tax Resolution is unable to provide legal advice to clients. As a result, the most complex and challenging cases should look elsewhere for a tax resolution company that has both tax experts and attorneys on staff. However, for most basic tax issues, this will not be a problem.

Lack of Online Resources

Southwest Tax Resolution Service’s website leaves much to be desired. With their last post published in 2014, their blog is not regularly updated and is of little help to prospective clients. Additionally, their website has limited information regarding educational resources on tax-related topics and does not have an “About Us” section to inform clients about their company.

The Bottom Line

Being a smaller firm, Southwest Tax Resolution offers some of the lowest prices in the industry, providing great value to clients. However, their absence of professional memberships, lack of transparency, and limited educational resources raises some concerns. For individuals and business owners with increasingly complex issues, we suggest looking elsewhere for tax relief services.