provides tax relief for many situations that people commonly find themselves in when tax debt occurs. The company is a tax consulting and mediation business that has teams of expert CPAs, tax attorneys and enrolled agents who are ready to get to work for their clients.

The Good

Available in All States

Since 2001, has been an accredited (ASTPS and NATP), licensed and bonded practice across the US. For nearly two decades, has resolved tax debt for thousands of Americans. 

Services Offered

Individuals plagued by IRS or state back taxes,’s team of professionals will be able to fend off IRS audits and collection issues for their clients.'s services can be affordable depending on the service you are in need of. Overall, advises taxpayers and businesses to keep up with their taxes to avoid running into problems with the IRS.

Free Consultation

A consultation and service quote are available free of charge for all prospective customers. Callers will be connected with a tax expert who will take the time to assess the financial state of the client and determine what the more appropriate plan of action is to resolve their situation. Our team of reviewers appreciates the company’s efforts to explain all of the options available to clients before making a choice on what service they would like to pursue. In addition to the company’s personal services, they also offer a couple of resources on their web page to get individuals back on track.

The Bad

Vague Pricing

Unfortunately, the company operates on a case-by-case basis, making their pricing structure unavailable. Although this is the case for many tax debt relief companies, does provide a few generalizations about their pricing, including phrases like “a few hundred dollars” and “thousands”.

Money-Back Guarantee

The company does offer a money-back guarantee under certain circumstances, so it does not apply to everyone. It is best to speak to a representative to see if you would qualify for the service.

Lack of Transparency

The company does a bad job to outline the cons to each of their programs offered to consumers. Although most of their services are outlined on their website, there are often hidden fees and other non-disclosed terms once clients sign up.

The Bottom Line offers a plethora of services to consumers seeking tax debt relief. The company employs CPAs, enrolled agents, and tax attorneys on staff who are able to handle both big and small amounts of IRS debt. Meanwhile, the company lacks in pricing information and a good money-back guarantee. Generally, we recommend taking advantage of the consultation offered free of charge to help decipher is is the right choice for your needs.