If you feel like you need a few extra bucks to help pay down your debt, you’re not alone. Many consumers turn to the internet to make a bit of extra cash, and there are certainly no lack of websites claiming to provide the opportunity.

SwagBucks is one such site. Over the past few years, SwagBucks has gained in popularity as a way to earn additional side income. So is it worth it to sign up for an account? Will you make money in your spare time? Read on to learn more in our SwagBucks review.

What is SwagBucks?

SwagBucks is, quite simply, an online survey site. You’ll earn currency called SB for completing surveys and answering questions. Some of those surveys are quite short – for instance, SwagBucks may partner with a company that wants to know about your pets, or your allergies. Others are more involved, such as surveys about your cosmetics shopping habits.

As you complete surveys, you’ll earn these SB points. Each SB is equal to roughly a penny, so it takes some time for your earnings to add up. There are, however, other ways in which you can earn SB. Online shopping is one example. You can also earn SB by playing games ad watching advertisements.

When you’ve earned enough SB, you can exchange them for gift cards to retailers like Amazon, you can donate them to charity or you can request money via PayPal. Earning points really is as easy as answering survey questions – the site is free to use and doesn’t require that you shop through the platform.

You’ll also earn SB for referring friends and family to the site. At time of writing, SwagBucks was offering 300 SB for each referral. Plus, your referrals will earn you a few SB as they complete surveys.

Sound like a good deal? Let’s see what SwagBucks users have to say in this SwagBucks review.

SwagBucks Review: Do You Really Earn Money?

Recently, we reviewed Inbox Dollars, a similar site to SwagBucks. In that review, we mentioned that there was a problem with the system. A user could spend literally hours just trying to qualify for surveys, only to be rewarded with the information that they weren’t eligible to participate.

You’re going to run into that problem with SwagBucks, as well. Sometimes you just won’t be eligible to participate, or there will be no survey opportunities for you. This is especially true with the “higher earning” surveys.

That said, there’s plenty more you can do to earn SB. There are smaller surveys from the site itself which help to qualify you for additional opportunities. These smaller surveys will net you around 5 SB each. And while that’s not a lot, they can certainly help you gain access to the higher paying opportunities.

So, do you actually earn money on SwagBucks? Yes… but very slowly. However, there is a way you can earn money on SwagBucks without taking much time at all: make SwagBucks your search engine.

The SwagBucks platform offers users the opportunity to earn SB just by searching the internet, something you do anyway. Granted, you’ll only earn a few SB at a time, but if it’s something you’re doing anyway, we’re all for it!

The SwagBucks search can be completed from the site itself, of you can add an extension to your browser. Either way, we’ve found that this is one of the easiest ways to earn points from a rewards site, hands down.

SwagBucks Review: What We Love About it

When you think about it, SwagBucks really is “just another rewards site.” There are so many on the web now – InboxDollars, MyPoints … even Bing allows you to earn money as you search the web. It’s difficult to sort the legit sites from the time wasters.

There are several things we love about the SwagBucks platform. First of all, it’s uncluttered and attractive. Other sites, like InboxDollars, will inundate you with ads and videos from the moment you log in. They’ll also bombard you with emails “reminding” you to go watch their advertisements.

That’s not the case with SwagBucks. Although it’s just another survey site, it’s got a clean, friendly interface that’s appealing to consumers. It’s easy to use and has opportunities that don’t cost you money. That can’t be said for all sites.

We also like the gift card redemption offers. You can trade your SB in for gift cards from big name retailers. A few of these names include Amazon, Walmart, Target and Starbucks. Alternatively, cash out your SB for a Visa gift card or a PayPal payment.

Some other survey sites charge you money or points just to cash out. SwagBucks is fairly straightforward. You simply choose the reward you want and buy it using your SB. There are no additional fees.

All in all, we wanted to share a very positive SwagBucks review with you, as we find the site to be superior to some of the other survey sites.

Should You Try SwagBucks?

We’re not going to lie. You’re not going to replace your income just by using SwagBucks. In fact, you’re probably not even going to make more than a few bucks each week. Since not everyone qualifies for every survey.

However, there’s something to be said for how plain addictive the site is. It’s easy to move around, searching for new opportunities. You’ll find offers for SB on the items you’re buying anyway – for instance, the site is currently offering 1500 SB for shopping Glade PlugIns.

The games are fun to play, and can earn you quite a few points if you choose the right ones. The search bar is convenient and, of course, searching the web is something you’re doing anyway.

Overall, we recommend you give SwagBucks a try. You’re not going to pay off your debt by answering surveys. You’re not going to earn a living playing Solitaire online. Yet simply installing the extension to your browser may net you a couple bucks you can spend on groceries or other items, without even thinking about it.

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