Tax Defense Network, established in 1997, has a variety of professionals from CPAs to tax attorneys. The company offers a free consultation for potential customers, which is just one of the reasons Tax Defense Network has such a great reputation.

The Good

Range of Services

Tax Defense Network provides a wide range of services to choose from. Some of the services the company focuses on include tax liens, wage garnishment, back taxes, IRS appeals, innocent spouse relief, bank levy, and tax audit relief. The team has an outstanding reputation according to the plethora of glowing customer reviews left on the website. Tax Defense Network will work with any amount of debt, so there is no minimum to worry about.


Since 1997 they have been cultivating an impressive reputation by offering great customer service.

Available Across the US

The company is available in all 50 states according to the representative we spoke to. They also do not require a minimum tax amount, making them readily available to all.


Tax Defense is very transparent and have their prices on their website. The norm in the industry is to reveal the prices once a client calls in and shares their personal information. According to the company’s website, their average fees fall somewhere between $2,500 and $3,000.

Customer Satisfaction

There are mostly positive reviews for Tax Defense Network from past clients. Specifically, customers rave about the company’s reliability, accuracy, and affordability.

The Bad

Limited Money-Back Guarantee

Tax Defense Network offers a valuable money-back guarantee, but it is only valid for three days after enrolling with the company. Compared to the company’s competitors, where some offer up to 180 days, this is a very short timeframe.

Mixed Reviews 

One recurring complaint about the company is that they were difficult to reach when dealing with issues or problems. Some clients have had difficulty getting a hold of an agent or attorney. They also can be a little more pricey. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, Tax Defense Network is a reliable company with a glowing reputation offering a broad spectrum of tax services. Moreover, they service all 50 states and have no minimum debt requirement to qualify. Although more accreditations and , customer reviews are still very positive. We recommend the company, particularly for individuals who prefer to work with a company that has a dependable reputation, great reliability, and good quality.