In 2014, a small team of dedicated individuals started a company called Tax Defense Partners. Their claim was to settle cases promptly and efficiently, all while putting the customer first. Presently, negative customer reviews make us question how true those claims really are.

The Good

Certified Specialists

At Tax Defense Partners, you’ll find a full team of Enrolled Agents, Tax Attorneys, and CPA’s. They are all Certified Tax Resolution Specialists of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers. These ASTPS’s offer training in tax resolution and specialized education services for industry professionals. The company specializes in tax liens, bank levies and wage garnishment.

Variety of Services

Tax Relief Partners offers a multitude of services, including anything that might have to do with the IRS. This includes assistance with unfiled tax returns, wage garnishments, bank levies, tax liens, payroll taxes, audit representation, penalty abatement, and even foreign bank account reporting. Some of these services include payroll taxes, installment agreement, FBAR, full representation, unfiled tax returns and more.

Free Consultation

Free services offered like a consultation is a good sign for an honest company. Tax Relief Partners offers a free consultation to any potential clients looking to learn more about the company's services.

The Bad

Likely No Money-Back Guarantee

There was little to no information about the money-back guarantee. This is unsettling and could be part of the reason why this company received so many negative reviews online.

Lacking Experience

Being a young company can be a problem for some, and fine for others. There just hasn’t been enough time for Tax Defense Partners to fully establish a reputation yet.

Mixed Reviews

This is where issues with the company start to stack up on top of each other. We have seen numerous negative reviews written about the company, with complaints about high fees, a lengthy and difficult application and a lack of transparency. 

The Bottom Line

The negative reviews really force us to take a step back and wonder why this company is taking so much backlash. A part of the problem is that the company fails to clearly define a refund policy. They may have a broad spectrum of services offered, but with so much negative feedback, we cannot recommend them. We advise people to look elsewhere.