The Good

Large Number of Services

Don’t let Tax Group Center’s experience fool you; although they have not been in business for long, they offer some services even the most seasoned of companies don’t have. Services like their Employer Tax Service program offers employers a way to help any employees that are struggling with back issues at a discount price (30% off tax services). Moreover, TGC offers another unique service called the Freedom of Information Request. Specifically, this service allows for clients to make inquires to the IRS or state revenue inquires through the TGC based on the Freedom of Information Act without attracting too much unwanted attention on their case. Last, tax consultants are present to assist in determining the qualification of the prospective clients. 

No Hidden Fees

Tax Group Center charges a flat fee that will be outlined in the service agreement prior to enrolling in the program. Just as most companies do in the industry, prices cannot be determined until a clear idea of what services will be needed is actualized. We also advise any clients to ask about any additional fees that may apply in the future so that there are no surprises later on down the road.

Experienced Team

TGC is fully equipped with a team of Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, CPA’s, and Certified Tax Consultants. The company’s works on what they call the three S system, which includes Service, Solution, and Success. Every aspect of their business operates around the three S system, including their 24/7 hours of operation.


Tax Group Center makes it a point to offer educational resources to their clients by providing them with articles, tax forms, a glossary of terms, and a FAQ page with pertinent information worth knowing.

The Bad

No American Bar Association Membership

Normally when a company has Tax Attorneys on their staff, they make it a point to have a membership with the American Bar Association. This is not the case with Tax Group Center. This only adds a little bit of stress to clients knowing that the company isn’t a part of the association.

Out of Date Information

As stated above, we are happy to see that the company offers educational tools and resources. The problem is that they are all out of date. Even on their social media platforms, for example with Twitter, the company hasn’t updated anything since the start of 2014.

The Bottom Line

Tax Group Center offers clients with a variety of quality services that are all predicated on their three 3 system. The company is well accredited, therefore we recommend taking advantage of their free consultation. On the other hand, the company has a history of customer complaints, as well as numerous name changes which indicated to us that they have failed past attempts at providing tax resolution services.