Tax Group Center are a CA based tax company that offer a variety of services, including OIC, help with returns and penalties, and much more. If you have an issue with the IRS, or you just need a little assistance at the end of the tax year, then they might be able to help you out.

Tax Group Center

About Tax Group Center

Tax Group Center are a BBB accredited company operating out of San Francisco, California. They have been around for just under a decade at the time of writing but they have made a big impact in that time and have helped thousands of Americans to clear tens of millions worth of tax debt.

Basic Information

  • Address: 1 Market St Spear Tower Fl 36, San Francisco, CA 94102
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 10/20/2009
  • Contact Number: (877) 939-2371
  • BBB Accredited? Yes, since 2016.

The Services

Tax Group Center can help with an array of tax issues, covering everything from tax debt to liens, levies, penalties and more. They can help individuals and businesses with all of their tax related issues and they do a lot of business within the state of California. This is where they have their most experience and if you want an expert within the state then you can't go much wrong with Tax Group Center

The Employees

There are just under 50 employees working for Tax Group Center, many of which are highly specialized lawyers. We haven't had a chance to speak with any of their current or former employees, but we've seen a lot of reviews and they are somewhat mixed. There are some very positive ones, but there are also some incredibly negative ones.

One of the most alarming ones we came across was an employee who claimed that they were “liars and crooks”. They are a certified, accredited company, so we're inclined it believe that this was just an angry employee looking to vent, but it's still cause for concern. It is especially worrying when you look at the other negative reviews, many of which claim that the company is…less than reputable.

Again, that doesn't mean they actually are a scam because they are not, but if former employees are saying these things then prospective customers should be worried.

The Reviews

There are mixed reviews out there for Tax Group Center, but we're not too concerned about these as they make an effort to respond to the complaints and the bad reviews. This is always nice to see. We understand that bad reviews and complaints happen, and a good company is not one that doesn't get these, but one that responds well to them.

Such is the case with some of the best companies we have reviewed, like Accredited Tax, Instant Tax and Creative Tax.

Our Tax Group Center Review

You have no doubt seen our rating for Tax Group Center already. But now it's time for our actual review, where we tell you the things that shaped that rating and our opinion of this company.

The Good

Large Number of Services

Don’t let their apparent lack of experience fool you; although Tax Group Center have not been in business for long, they offer a number of services that you won't find on even the most experienced of companies. Their Employer Tax Service, for instance, offers employers a way to help employees struggling with back taxes at a deeply discounted rate.

They also have something known as a Freedom of Information Request. This service allows for clients to make inquires to the IRS without attracting too much unwanted attention. They can get important data on themselves and their business, seeing through the eyes of the IRS and gaining clearer understanding of what the authorities have on them.

Tax consultants are present at all times on Tax Group Center and they can help to steer clients in the right direction and ensure they get the help that they need.

No Hidden Fees

Tax Group Center charges a flat fee that is outlined in the service agreement before anyone signs on the dotted line. Just as most companies do in the industry, prices cannot be determined until the services have been agreed upon and both parties know what to expect.

However, we still advise that you ask about hidden fees and general charges when you signup. If you can get it in writing that there will be no hidden charges then you have something to fall back on should those charges appear.

Experienced Team

TGC is fully equipped with a team of Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, CPA’s, and Certified Tax Consultants. They work hard to please all of their clients all of the time and they have support staff on hand at all hours of the day to answer any questions that you might have.


Tax Group Center offers educational resources to their clients, providing them with articles, tax forms, a glossary of terms, and a FAQ page with pertinent information. This shows that they are prepared to go the extra and it's something that we also think deserves the highest praise.

Tax Group Center Review

The Bad

No American Bar Association Membership

Typically, when a company has a team of Tax Attorneys on staff, they have a membership with the American Bar Association. But this is not the case with Tax Group Center. This is not a massive issue, but it is a little concerning and it means that their experts are not as qualified and as certified as they could be.

Out of Date Information

As stated above, we are happy to see that Tax Group Center offers a wealth of educational tools and resources. However, they could all do with a little updating as the bulk of them have not been touched in several years. They have even been quiet on social media, suggesting that they are not working as hard on the marketing and customer service front as they once did.

The Bottom Line

Tax Group Center offers clients with a variety of quality services and some dependable customer support. They are well accredited, and they offer a free consultation to help clients get a better understanding of the process.

However, they have a history of customer complaints, as well as numerous name changes and other concerns. These raise too many red flags to us and as a result we can't recommend them as highly as we do other companies.