In 2002, Kathy Hill founded her company called Tax Tiger. The start of her business was inspired by the desire to avoid working for another company. So in response, she started her own practice where the focus was on staying true and ethical to her business practices. Tax Tiger is presently a prospering company with multiple franchises across the states. In all, they have saved clients over $120 million with their tax debt relief services.

The Good

Variety of Tax Services

Tax Tiger offers a broad spectrum of services related to tax issues, such as wage garnishments, which can usually be lifted the day the service is put into place. Specifically, the company has found great success in helping people with IRS Offer in Compromise. In this particular situation, the taxpayer’s liability is much higher than their ability to pay, which is much lower. Since the company’s debut in 2002, they have assisted thousands of Americans in saving over $120 million in back taxes, penalties, and accrued interest on accounts. What’s more impressive is that the company claims that clients have paid a total amount of $5.2 million. When we do the math, this means that the company has collectively saved clients around 96% on their tax debts.

Tax Tiger’s services are available in all 50 states. Their team of tax attorneys holds LLMs in Taxation Law along with some of their CPAs holding Master’s degrees in Taxation, giving them great credibility and credentials to clients across the entire United States.

Educational Website & Blog

For clients who want to educate themselves and stay up-to-date on the most recent changes in the taxation industry, there is a blog offered. Subjects are tailored for anybody from billionaires to middle-class individuals when it comes to taxes, tax resolution by state, and practices to avoid wage garnishment, among multiple others.

The Bad

Specialize in Offer in Compromise

Tiger Tax claims to specialize in Offer in Compromise. This can be a great option for some, but keep in mind that it isn’t easy to obtain one from the IRS. Generally speaking, the IRS has strict requirements to grant one to consumers, such as no delinquent returns, and no open bankruptcies, on top of all previously estimated tax payments and deposits must have been made in a timely manner. If successfully completed, consumers can expect to see an overall reduction in debt via settlement but keep in mind, individuals still risk liquidation and a very long process taking up to a couple of years to complete.

Lacking Some Major Accreditations

Although the company staffs well qualified and certified attorney’s, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents, we would appreciate seeing the company hold memberships with the industry’s top accreditations, such as the NAEA and AICPA.

Lack of  Information

The company lacks transparency on their pricing structure. Additionally, they do not provide any information regarding a refund policy. On their web page, we like seeing individual profiles of the employees who work for the company, but we would also like to see a description of what they do in particular. With this being said, we recognize that this is a big company with multiple franchises, which translates to a lot of employees, but the general consensus is that clients would like to familiarize themselves with the whole tax relief team, and not just the CEO.

The Bottom Line

With 15 years of experience under their belt, we can see that the company is dedicated to their clients. Tax Tiger may provide solid services for their customers, but we are still concerned with their lack of a refund policy and pricing structure. Also, we advise potential clients to be cautious of their Offer in Compromise plan for reasons being that it can easily backfire. In the end, we recommend Tax Tiger on the premise that customers thoroughly do their research.