Tax Tiger was founded by Kathy Hill in 2002, with the goal of helping as many Americans as possible to negotiate the potential pitfalls associated with tax debt and other IRS problems. According to Tax Tiger's About Us page, the business was founded because Ms. Hill didn't want to work for another company, so instead she used her experience and her expertise to create her own company and grow it into one of the biggest and best in this industry.

Tax Tiger

About Tax Tiger

Tax Tiger is a franchise business that has a number of locations across the United States, all working to the same model and offering the same high level of service. They have helped clients to clear more than $150 million in debt over the years and offer a wealth of services related to tax and debt.

Basic Information

  • Address: 6130 Innovation Way, Carlsbad, CA 92009-1728
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 8/29/2002
  • Contact Number: (858) 225-4310
  • Opening Hours: 9:00am to 11:30pm
  • BBB Accredited? Yes, since 2005.

The Company

Ms. Kathleen Hill is the CEO of Tax Tiger. She was also the one who founded the company and she has played an integral role in its growth. They are accredited by the BBB and as we shall discover below they tend to generate a lot of positive reviews.

The Services

Tax Tiger can help with pretty much any tax problem that you have, ranging from an Offer in Compromise, to audits, returns, and more. They offer the same wide spectrum of services that other major companies in this sector offer, including the likes of Tax Defense Network, Optima Tax Relief and Community Tax.

The Employees

Tax Tiger is a small company from what we can gather, and it's one with a friendly and happy workplace. We have only seen a couple of reviews from employees online and we haven't been able to talk to any former employees about their experiences, but when it comes to former employees, no reviews are often a good sign.

The Reviews

There are a lot of good reviews out there for Tax Tiger and that's a huge positive. As noted in previous reviews, it's important to take a lot of review scores on sites like TrustPilot with a pinch of salt as they cater for the companies and not for the users. In this case there are a lot of reviews overall and only a small number of bad ones, so we can glean something very positive from this. It's also a similar story on other aggregate review sites.

We do have a small issue with this though. Firstly, we think it is essential that companies respond to bad reviews. It shows that they care and it shows prospective reviewers that their anger/praise is being heard. However, we feel that Tax Tiger could be a bit more diplomatic in their approach. We understand how it can be frustrating to get a 1 star review from someone who didn't have that bad of an experience and is clearly out to get you, but as a company receiving this review it's essential for you to take it on the chin, apologize, and then move on.

Prospective customers looking at bad reviews can tell the genuine displeasure apart from the unfounded anger, they're not stupid. But when they see responses along the lines of “It's a shame that you're trying to ruin our reputation like this” instead of “we're sorry you feel that way” it lowers their opinion of the company. Tax Tiger are not the worst offenders we have seen when it comes to responding to negative reviews (one company we reviewed sunk as low as to highlight a customer's mental illness) but there is still room for improvement.

Our Tax Tiger Review

We mentioned that there are a lot of Tax Tiger reviews out there. We tried to leave these out of the equation for our own review, taking into account our own experience as well as extensive research and comparisons. You can find the results of this review below.

Tax Tiger Review

The Good

Variety of Tax Services

Tax Tiger offers a broad spectrum of services related to tax issues, offering pretty much everything that an individual or a business could need in relation to the IRS.

One of the services that they highlight the most, and one that they have done particular well with over the years, is the IRS Offer in Compromise. Also known simply as “OIC”, this is a form of debt settlement. It means that the tax debt is far greater than the individual can pay, at which point the settlement company will describe the situation to the IRS and then make an offer for a reduced amount with the goal of clearing the debt for a lot less.

Ever since Tax Tiger were first founded back in 2002, they have assisted thousands of Americans in saving over $150 million in back taxes, tax debts, tax penalties, and interest. They offer individuals a massive return on their investment, and when you compare the amount that Tax Tiger have received over the years to the amount that they have saved for their customers, they save on average 95%.

Tax Tiger’s services are available in all 50 states. They have highly experienced and certified attorneys on hand to help with every case and every client, no matter how small. If you need an experienced tax lawyer on your side then you can't go much wrong with Tax Tiger.

Educational Website & Blog

We love it when companies in this sector go the extra mile by offering guides relating to the services they offer. It gives the customer a chance to research before they signup and to stay on the straight and narrow after the issues have been resolved. Such is the case with Tax Tiger, as they have an extensive FAQ and a blog that seems to be updated on a regular basis.

There are a host of subjects covered in this blog, with articles relating to individuals from all walks of life and concerning all types of tax related issues.

The Bad

They Specialize in Offer in Compromise

Tiger Tax claims to specialize in Offer in Compromise, and from what our research has told us this definitely seems to be the case.

An OIC can be a great option for some, but keep in mind that it isn’t easy to obtain one from the IRS. The IRS has strict requirements that need to be met before an OIC can be granted, including no delinquent returns and no open bankruptcies. What's more,  all previously estimated tax payments and deposits must have been made in a timely manner.

If successfully completed, consumers can expect to see an overall reduction in debt and it's often one of the best ways to clear that debt and gain financial freedom from it. However, individuals still risk liquidation and a very long process that could take years to finalize.

Lacking Some Major Accreditations

Although the company staffs well qualified and certified attorney’s, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents, we would appreciate seeing some memberships with the industry’s top accreditations, such as the NAEA and AICPA.

Lack of  Information

Tax Tiger lacks transparency with regards to their pricing structure. In fact, we couldn't find this information anywhere. They also seem to lack a money back guarantee, which is often a deciding factor for many customers looking at services like these.

We do like the fact that there are details of all the major players in the company on their website, although we would be a little happier with this if those profiles actually went into detail about what they do. We do accept that they are a big franchise though and that acquiring and listing this information would not be easy. And to give them credit, they do have a lot of information on their CEO.

Tax Tiger Help

The Bottom Line

With 15 years of experience under their belt, Tax Tiger are clearly experienced and they are also very dedicated to their customers.

However, while they provide some very respectable services for their customers, we are concerned with their lack of a refund policy and the fact they leave customers in the dark with regards to pricing. Also, we advise potential clients to be cautious of their Offer in Compromise plan, because while these plans can seem like the best solution and can be great if they work, they can also backfire easily.

It's well worth giving this company a call to see what they can offer you and to get more information on their prices, but we personally believe that there are better companies in this sector and these should also be included in your search.