Trident Debt Solutions is a financial consulting agency that focuses debt settlement, with a goal of getting as many Americans out of debt as they can. They have accumulated years of experience in this industry, helping to eradicate over $25 million worth of client debt with the help of some highly skilled and experienced staff members.

Trident Debt Solutions Review

About Trident Debt Solutions

By all accounts, Trident Debt Solutions are a small company. They are unable to rival the likes of Money Management (who we reviewed here) and Freedom Debt Relief (who we covered here) and in actual fact they are nowhere near. However, that doesn't make their services any less viable and their efforts any less effective.

Keep reading to learn more about Trident Debt Solutions, and skip ahead if you want to read our review of this company.

Basic Information

  • Address: 395 Oneida St., Boulder, CO 80303 | 1444 Stuart St., Denver, CO 80204
  • Web Address:
  • Contact Number: 303-872-8492
  • BBB Accredited? Yes.

The Company

Trident Debt Solutions is a small company owned and run by an experienced lawyer. Not only does this lawyer take an active role in promoting the company, with videos of him plastered across social media and the Trident Debt Solutions website, but he also takes an active role in helping every customer that signs up for their services.

The Services

Trident Debt Solutions provide a debt settlement service, with the goal of clearing all debts in between 6 and 24 months. They charge reasonable fees, have a very generous money back guarantee, and boast a success rate that would make any rival company envious.

We have covered some very special companies on DebtReviews before, including New Era Debt Relief and Pacific Debt Relief, but while these do have a higher rating on our site, even they don't come close to Trident Debt Solutions when it comes to their success rate.

The Employees

As far as we can gather, most of the work is done by one man: the owner. They are very restrictive when it comes to taking on new clients and only work with those in specific situations, much like a sought-after lawyer would. In essence, that's basically what Trident Debt Solutions are, but with a emphasis on debt settlement.

Our Trident Debt Solutions Review

Our review of Trident Debt Solutions was compiled by expert researchers, but it's worth noting that their experiences may be different to yours.

Trident Debt Solutions

The Good

Money Back Guarantee

Like all good debt settlement companies, Trident Debt Solutions makes it their top priority to settle a client’s debt. If they are unable to negotiate a discount of at least a 30%, they will not charge for their services. Money back guarantees are far from novel in this industry, but they are rarely this generous and we have to give Trident Debt Solutions credit for that.

They also offer a unique service which lets them redirect all calls relating to their accounts to an attorney. This gives them less work to do and less things to stress over, and it only costs them a flat fee of $100.

Backed by Attorneys

Trident offers services that are backed by a highly experienced attorney who has helped resolve debts for thousands of customers over a number of years. You would be surprised at how many debt settlement companies out there are not owned, run, or staffed by legal experts. The fact that Trident Debt Solutions is owned and run by a skilled and experienced attorney provides more security and stability throughout the process, ensuring there is always a knowledgeable person to handle whatever issue arises.

The debt settlement process begins with something known as a reverse auction. This means the negotiation process is started on the client's behalf by contacting creditors and informing them of the client's financial capabilities, essentially letting them know that there will not be enough money to pay all of them and that there is a first-come first served rule in place.

Following this, the attorney sets up a situation where creditors bid against each other to be the first one to settle with the client, getting their money and giving the client their first major settlement. The attorney in question is Stephen T. Craig, who is said to be able to settle debts that save the client between 50% and 60% in total.

Settles Debt Fast

The company’s goal is to get clients out of debt within a total of 2 years. Many are actually settled within just 6 months, which is a great deal faster than most of their competitors. Any case that takes longer than 2 years risks litigation, so it's essential that debts are cleared quickly and this is something that Trident Debt Solutions always take into account.

The company’s relatively small size allows for a more personalized approach with their clients. Their success rate is also 100% over the past decade or so, which proves just how much of a personalized service they provide.

Federal law also prohibits creditors to go through the client when an attorney is hired – this stops the harassing creditor calls. The company has been honest about situations where the client has been sued, but none of these clients have ever seen the inside of a courtroom.


  • They provide legal advice
  • They are helpful from start to finish
  • Their service are free if debt isn't reduced by at least 30%
  • There is a free consultation
  • They specialize in bankruptcy

The Bad

For all the good that Trident Debt Solutions do, and for all the benefits that they provide, there are some negatives worth noting. The first of these is the fact they are very selective when it comes to working with new clients, and the vast majority of people reading this Trident Debt Solutions review will not be able to work with them.

Customers are required to have at least $30,000 of debt, but those who have upwards of $60,000 of debt are able to see the biggest reduction in debt when they work with Trident Debt Solutions. Stephen T. Craig states that he realizes an individual in this type of financial situation is rare, but regardless, “for those that are, we like to offer them a very high level of service.”

There is a free consultation available, but there is no toll-free number. Potential clients have to dial directly to Denver or Boulder, CO, even though their services are not limited to these areas.

The Bottom Line

Trident Debt Solutions is an attorney based debt settlement service that offers debt relief for those with substantial amounts of unsecured debt to deal with.

Their minimum debt requirement is rather high, especially compared to the average industry minimum of $16,000, and to the lowest of $10,000 (there are also a handful who have no minimum, such as DMB Financial). This company is not accredited with the AFCC and the IAPDA, but it is run by a licensed attorney by the name of Stephen T. Craig, so he is obligated to practice ethical legal standards set by the American Bar Association. For consumers with over $30,000 of debt, we recommend taking advantage of their free consultation to see if they are the answer to your financial troubles.

However, for everyone else Trident Debt Solutions are not the best option. After all, it doesn't matter how good a company is if they don't accept you as a customer. On the one hand, we can completely understand why this is the case. If you have such a personalized service and put so much effort into each client then you need to make sure that it will be worth your while. But it's still a shame for those clients who have debts lower than $30,000.