Trinity Debt Management is a non-profit organization that offers credit counseling services, housing loans, student loans, and debt management programs. The company's main focus is to help individuals solve their debt problems through credit counseling and debt management. Although there is plenty of information on their website regarding debt and how to free yourself from it, there is little to no information about the company’s prices and average interest rates.

Trinity Debt Management Reviews

About Trinity Debt Management

Trinity Debt Management is a non-profit organization that offers valuable services like debt counseling on credit, housing, student loans, and debt management. The company also offers an authentic debt consolidation service through their debt management program.

The program allows the customer to combine all of their unsecured debt into one monthly payment while reducing interest rates to be able to pay off their debts in 3 to 5 years.

Basic Information

  • Address: 404 Power House St., McKinney, TX 75071
  • Web Address:
  • Date of Founding: 2/1/1996
  • Contact Number: (888) 669-7372
  • Opening Hours: 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM
  • BBB Accredited? No.

The Company

Trinity Debt Management are accredited, which is a good sign, and they have also been in business long enough to know what they are doing and to be considered a reputable company. But this is a small company, or at least that's the impression that we get, and from what we can tell they haven't worked with a great deal of customers and cast a very small net in terms of who they work with.

They are one of the few companies listed as a Sole Proprietorship, as opposed to a Limited Liability. This means that the ownership and operation falls to one person, which seems to be Mr. Patrick Butler, who is listed as the Director of Operations.

If this is true, it actually makes sense and answers a lot of questions. It also makes us feel a little bad for the fact that we're about to criticize the company, but as hard as we're sure they are working in order to stay up to date with the big boys in this sector, we're here to review in comparison to those big boys, and we just don't feel like Trinity Debt Management are worthy contenders in many respects.

The Issues

There are some concerns with regards to how this company operates, but most of these are basic and just suggest that it's not as big or professional as we would hope. One of the main issues is simply the fact that their website is dated.

It looks like one of those full-page adverts you find in religious pamphlets in your grandmother's house. The guy turning to smile at the company looks like he's about to sell us some new fangled kitchen device or herbal supplement. The green aesthetic is as relevant as an avocado bathroom suite and we're half expecting to find random gifs, a colorful hit counter, a guestbook, and a link to a MySpace page.

Maybe we're being overly critical, because the truth is that Trinity Debt Management are not alone in this way. In fact most of the smaller debt management companies we encounter have very dated websites, especially those, it seems, that were founded in the 1990s. Maybe they blew their budget on initially developing their site and then just left it as it was, assuming that good aesthetics never grow old.

Sites like LowerMyBills, BestEgg and GreenPath are the exception really, but there is something about Trinity Debt Management that seems even more dated than usual.

The Reviews

There are a lot of good reviews out there for Trinity Debt Management, which is a good sign, but once you dig a little deeper and get more selective in your search then you uncover some very concerning reviews. We have spoken to customers who were promised great credit and fast clearances, only to see their credit score barely move and to be lumbered with debt for many years.

We try to take bad reviews with a pinch of salt, because not everyone has the same experiences and in this industry there is a tendency to expect too much, but the bad reviews that exist for Trinity Debt Management really are bad and it's hard to ignore them. This coupled with the fact that they are not accredited by the BBB is cause for concern.

We understand that many modern companies are turning their backs on BBB as they feel like they are being pressured into joining. But Trinity Debt Management does not strike us as a company that is refusing to join out of principle. It seems more likely that they don't fancy their chances of being accredited.

In fact, the BBB keeps a score of all companies, including those not accredited, and it has currently scored Trinity Debt Management with a C+. This might be an okay score to have on your report card, but where the BBB is concerned it's poor.

Take our Freedom Debt Relief review as an example. These guys are huge, but there are a lot of complaints and bad reviews, and a major government agency has also taken action against them and is actively suing them for harassing customers, using aggressive marketing tactics, and other generally dodgy business practices. The BBB knows about all of this and has factored it into their rating, yet they still scored Freedom Debt Relief an A-.

That speaks volumes for how little respect the BBB have for Trinity Debt Management, as well as how many negative experiences customers have had with this company.

Trinity Debt Management Review

Our Trinity Debt Management Review

Trinity Debt Management clearly have their faults and these are evident at first glance. But we also asked our team of reviewers to take a closer look and see if there were any redeeming features, if their prices, services, and customer support were worth giving them a go, or if we ultimately have to score them poorly.

We're not in the business of trashing companies, even if we give that impression, so it's worth noting that everything on this page is our opinion and is based on our impressions. Trinity Debt Management have many happy customers, so not everyone has shared or will share our views.

The Good

Free Consultation

Prior to enrolling with Trinity, you will be asked to speak with a certified counselor about your debt situation. This is completely free of charge. During the consultation, you will talk about your debt situation and any possible solutions to resolve the issues. This opportunity gives potential clients a chance to feel the company out before signing with them. Once you sign up with Trinity, credit counseling is included in the services provided.

Helpful Money Management Tips

The company helps their clients take control of their spending habits by educating them on money management both during their debt and after their debt is cleared. It is worth noting that although Trinity is a Christian debt consolidation group, you are not obliged to follow their beliefs to utilize the program.


Trinity is ISO and FCAA accredited, validating their debt consolidation process. They do not have a listing with the BBB, as mentioned above, but in terms of industry regulators they check all of the necessary boxes and this is without a doubt more important.

The Bad

Lack of Transparency

Trinity does not disclose their pricing anywhere on their website, which made our job very difficult and also frustrates clients. We would like to see Trinity be more open with their upfront and monthly fees. We would also appreciate them disclosing what their average interest rate is to give potential clients an idea of how much they will have to pay.

Lacking Some Accreditations

The company is accredited with the FCAA and ISO, but we weren’t able to find any additional accreditations. The company doesn't even have a file with these organizations, which is worrying. The fact that they have been in business for over 23 years makes this very surprising. Accreditations are important for businesses like Trinity because it shows a commitment to adhering to a certain level of quality, and when they lack these accreditations it means they haven't met those standards.

Other cons include:

  • Difficult to find interest rates
  • No money back guarantee

Trinity Debt Management

The Bottom Line

At first glance, Trinity Debt Management offers services comparable with some of the leading consolidation companies. They are accredited by the FCAA and ISO, and they also offer counseling with a certified counselor, even if their website is dated.

On the other hand, important information about the average interest rates, upfront fees, and monthly fees are not disclosed, they are not accredited by the BBB and there isn't a great deal of information out there about them. We would like to see more transparency in this respect. Customers need to know that they are in good hands and while we're sure this company is more than capable, they simply don't have the credibility that others do and it's hard to score them as highly as a result.

As a result, we cannot recommend using Trinity Debt Management at this time. If you want to see some companies that we did score highly, look at Southwest Tax ReliefPacific and Debt Guru.