Trinity Debt Management is a non-profit organization that offers credit counseling services, housing loans, student loans, and debt management programs. The company's main focus is to help individuals solve their debt problems through credit counseling and debt management. Although there is plenty of information on their website regarding debt and how to free yourself from it, there is little to no information about the company’s prices and average interest rates.

The Good

Free Consultation

Prior to enrolling with Trinity, you will be asked to speak with a certified counselor about your debt situation. This is completely free of charge. During the consultation, you will talk about your debt situation and any possible solutions to resolve the issues. This opportunity gives potential clients a chance to feel the company out before signing with them. Once you sign up with Trinity, credit counseling is included in the services provided.

Helpful Money Management Tips

The company helps their clients take control of their spending habits by educating them on money management. It is worth noting that although Trinity is a Christian debt consolidation group, you are not obliged to follow their beliefs to utilize the program.


Trinity is ISO and FCAA accredited, validating their debt consolidation process.

The Bad

Lack of Transparency

Trinity does not disclose their pricing anywhere on their website. We would like to see Trinity be more open with their upfront and monthly fees. We would also appreciate them disclosing what their average interest rate is to give potential clients an idea of how much they will have to pay.

Lacking Some Accreditations

The company is accredited with the FCAA and ISO, but we weren’t able to find any additional accreditations. Additionally, the company does not even have a file with these organizations. The fact that they have been in business for over 23 years makes this very surprising. Accreditations are important for businesses like Trinity because it shows a commitment to adhering to a certain level of quality when it comes to their services.

Other cons include:

  • Difficult to find interest rates
  • No money back guarantee

The Bottom Line

At first glance, Trinity Debt Management offers services comparable with some of the leading consolidation companies. They are accredited by the FCAA and ISO, and they also offer counseling with a certified counselor. On the other hand, important information about the average interest rates, upfront fees, and monthly fees are not disclosed. We would like to see more transparency. Therefore, we cannot recommend using Trinity Debt Management at this time.





About Trinity Debt Management

Trinity Debt Management is a non-profit organization that offers valuable services like debt counseling on credit, housing, student loans, and debt management. The company also offers an authentic debt consolidation service through their debt management program. The program allows the customer to combine all of their unsecured debt into one monthly payment while reducing interest rates to be able to pay off their debts in 3 to 5 years.